Beef or Lamb Koftas

We know everyone loves our premium mince (we’ve got beef, lamb, pork and chicken!) so we thought you might also like this super quick, kid-friendly recipe for beef Koftas – or make them with lamb mince if you prefer! Perfect for the BBQ or the cooktop if the weather is still not playing ball…

Makes 8-10 Kofta sausages.


  • ½ onion, grated
  • 1kg premium beef or lamb mince
  • 2 garlic cloves, minced
  • 1¼tsp sea salt
  • 1tsp freshly cracked black pepper
  • 1tsp rosemary
  • 1tsp cumin
  • 1tsp oregano
  • ½tsp cinnamon
  • 8-10 skewers (optional) – pre-soaked in water for 30mins


  1. Grate the onion onto a tea towel or doubled up paper towel. Gently wring out any excess liquid.
  2. Place all the ingredients in a large bowl and mix with your hands until just combined.
  3. Divide the meat mixture into 8-10 equal portions and mould into oblong/sausage shapes. Gently slide skewers through the centre of the meat, if using.
  4. Place the meat on the preheated BBQ grill, oven baking tray (@180C for 30mins) or large frying pan.
  5. For grilling or pan frying, rotating the skewers with tongs every 2-3 minutes, until slightly charred and cooked through, 8-10 minutes. Turn half way if baking in the oven.


Your Koftas are best served on a salad platter made with parsley, cucumbers, tomatoes and red onion.  Place Koftas on top of salad and drizzle with tzatziki and oil.  Serve with toasted pita pockets alongside.

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