Why Gluten Free Dog Food is Better

We’ve been supplying gluten free dog rolls and minced chicken frames to kennel owners and dog owners for a number of years now. As our dog rolls become more and more popular, we thought we’d take a look at why you might want to feed your dog a gluten free or low gluten diet in the first place.

Gluten is primarily found in wheat, but it can be in other grains too like barley, rye, and oats. When a human or dog has a gluten intolerance, the proteins in gluten break the lining of the stomach and can cause other digestive problems such as inflammation of the small intestine.

Some people believe that their dog may suffer from allergies caused by or made worse with gluten but this is, as yet, not scientifically proven.

Dogs that are sensitive to gluten develop a chronic small intestinal inflammatory disease if they consume gluten. They have intermittent or persistent diarrhoea, lose weight, develop a poor hair coat, lose body condition and just generally fail to thrive.

Grain-free dog food can help your pup with getting less flaky skin, a shinier coat, and whiter teeth. Also, you can enjoy less-stinky dog kisses, as grain-free dog food can improve your pup's breath.

If you suspect your dog has a food allergy or sensitivity, we recommend working with your veterinarian to find the source. They can help you identify any allergies or sensitivities and recommend a therapeutic diet to avoid allergens. This will ensure your dog continues to get the nutrition he needs. 

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