Local Boys Learn Butchery Skills

There is a real shortage of skilled butchers out there. We know all about it because we have had trouble finding an extra butcher to support Garth when our last guy decided to move to Taranaki.

While we always have a few unskilled people employed as apprentices, we are also really keen to promote our trade to others in the region who have maybe taking up butchery as a profession.  Our apprentices are learning on the job but it still takes a good couple of years before they are ready to become a professional butcher.

So when a local marae contacted us with an interest in learning how to butcher their own homekill, we took this as a perfect opportunity to offer a “first taste” butchery course to their people.

We had six keen young men attend our first every butchery course as taught by Garth, expert butcher and owner of Naked Meats. All were enthusiastic and ready to learn some worthwhile new skills for themselves.

Garth was impressed with how well everyone went, and is now interested in running more courses like this again in future!


Email Garth here if you have a homekill beast and a group of people interested in learning how to butcher your beast in our hygienic, fully equipped butchery here in Te Puna.

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