Preservative-Free and Additive-Free Sausages are Better

When it comes to ingredient lists, shorter is better. That’s what more and more of our customers realise when it comes to shopping for sausages and other processed meats. Preservative-free and additive-free sausages are becoming increasingly popular with health-conscious customers who don't want any extra ingredients in their food.

Here’s a few reasons why preservative-free and additive-free sausages are better:

Preservatives Are A Concerning Ingredient

Preservatives can have negative effects on your health, especially if you eat too many foods containing these unnatural additives. Eating excess preservatives over a prolonged period of time can increase the risk of cancer and other chronic diseases. Therefore, choosing sausages without preservatives is safer for your health in the long run. Additionally, many people also dislike the taste that some preservatives bring to certain types of food – especially meat products like sausages.

Natural Ingredients To Create Tastier Flavors

Additives often contribute a strong flavour to processed meats, which can be unattractive to those accustomed to natural flavours. When some manufacturers eliminate (more expensive) natural ingredients, they must find other ways of making their sausages stand out from competition.

We like to take this opportunity to experiment with unique combinations of herbs and spices – without resorting to enhancers like MSG or background flavours such as autolysis extracts. We can create natural deliciousness to Naked Meats sausages that still make them stand out from the competition.

More Options To Choose From

Eliminating additives also means giving consumers more choice when it comes down to selecting a healthier version of what used to be an unhealthy ready meal or snack. Nowadays, there are dozens of varieties on offer which DO NOT INCLUDE artificial flavourings, colourings and preservatives. Take a look at our HUGE variety of Gluten Free sausages for example!

Natural is Better

So while some might think that eliminating artificial ingredients in order to create cleaner labels might mean sacrificing flavour or convenience; that isn't always the case! Truly, going preservative-free and additive-free brings forth delicious new flavours as well as offers more choices when it comes down selecting healthier ready meals or snacks options.

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